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A fully-featured file management plugin for WordPress, our Download Manager Plugin allows you to easily upload and share video, audio and document files to groups of users and individuals based on a built-in access restriction system.

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Let your Users Upload and Share Their Media

Add a robust infrastructure that will empower your community with the ability to upload, share and manage downloads on your site! By using our document manager plugin for WordPress, you’ll have the ability to moderate and restrict uploads based on user rolls and other custom anti-spam mechanisms.

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Access Control- file sharing plugin for WordPress

Access Control

Administrators can control who is allowed to view & download each file and who can upload a new one, by using pre-defined custom access control settings

Moderation- file sharing plugin for WordPress


Moderate and approve user uploads, complete monitoring file downloads, and full documents management before they get published.

Profile and User Dashboard- file sharing plugin for WordPress

Profile and User Dashboard

Users can view their public profiles including all posted uploads, control file downloads, documents management, and files shared through their own dashboard.

Logs & Statistics- CM file sharing plugin for WordPress

Logs & Statistics

Generates a detailed log and statistics of the downloads activity. Shows the geographic location so you can see where your users are coming from

Password Protection- file sharing plugin for WordPress

Password Protection

Restrict access to specified file downloads by protecting them with a unique password which is generated by the file management plugin.

integrating MicroPayments- file sharing plugin for WordPress


Integrates with MicroPayments to support using your virtual currency or a real payment system. Using MicroPayments, users can set a price per each download or be granted point for uploading

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    Ask for Email before Download

    In this example user will be asked to provide an email and name before downloading the file

    Password Protected

    This example shows the option to protect a download using a password   Password is 12345  Read More

    Music File Example

    Nils Frahm had an early introduction to music. During his childhood he was taught to play piano by Nahum Brodski  Read More

    Multiple File Uploads

    This example includes several MP3 file of Blues music All music files are taken from    Read More

    Select specific file to download:

    AcousticBlues.mp3 (2.33 MB)
    BigBlues.mp3 (3.85 MB)
    All files (ZIP) (6.01 MB)

    Document Preview Option

    This exampel shows a Microsoft Document with a preview option using Goolge viewer.
    Multiple Files- file sharing plugin for WordPress

    Multiple Files

    Users can upload multiple files onto a single downloads page. The Plugin will create a zip folder containing all files and will also allow to download them separately

    Categories- file sharing plugin for WordPress


    Our WordPress file download plugin supports creating multiple file categories to enable users an easy navigation

    Social Login- file sharing plugin for WordPress

    Social Login

    Users can login with their social media accounts to upload or download login restricted files

    Shortcodes- file sharing plugin for WordPress


    Use a shortcode to embed downloads inside any WordPress page or post

    User Groups- file sharing plugin for WordPress by creativeMinds

    User Groups

    Create user groups to control access to specific files and documents

    Notifications- file sharing plugin for WordPress


    Send a notification to users when a new download is waiting for them, or when a support question has been posted

    Audio Player- CreativeMinds file sharing plugin for WordPres

    Audio Player

    Supports Music and Audio sharing and allows to include an audio player for previewing them before download

    Search Downloads- file sharing plugin for wordpress

    Search Downloads

    Internal search functions for locating specific downloads on your website

    File Preview- CreativeMinds file sharing plugin for WordPress

    File Preview

    Integrates with Google Reader for previews of files before downloading (only for supported files)

    WordPress Download Manager Plugin Pricing


    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Downloads Categories
    • Support Forum
    • Internal Search
    • Shortcodes
    • Access Restrictions
    • Notifications
    • Moderation
    • Social Media Integration
    • Download Preview
    • Audio Player Support
    • Log & Statistics
    • Multiple Uploads
    • Zip Compression
    • MicroPayment Support
    • Charge per each Download

    Client Zone

    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Downloads Categories
    • Support Forum
    • Internal Search
    • Shortcodes
    • Access Restrictions
    • Notifications
    • Moderation
    • Social Media Integration
    • Download Preview
    • Audio Player Support
    • Log & Statistics
    • Multiple Uploads
    • Zip Compression
    • MicroPayment Support
    • Charge per each Download
    • Each user has it own safe zone
    • Admin can send files to a specific user
    • User can send file to admin
    • User recieve a notification for each file sent to him
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    MicroPayment Support

    Empower your WordPress Download Manager with MicroPayment support. Allow your users to pay for downloading or grant them virtual money for uploading. You can integrate MicroPayment with a real payment gateway like PayPal or use the EDD plugin and choose from more than 40 payment gateways.
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    My WordPress website was driving me crazy. I am not a computer tech and had difficult time to manage my website. I was introduced to use CM Download Manager by my website builder, and i absolutely love it! It has a simple and easy to work with interface that allows my users to login, and I am also able to assign different access abilities to each of them. Now I am no longer the only one doing the work. At the same time, it helps us work even closer together and more efficiently.

    I have had an amazing experience so far with CM Download Manager. I have a blog on WordPress and it was getting exhausting running it by myself. CM Download Manager has given me the ability to have multiple users log in and they are able to access all of the different sets of documents that I have laid out to each one of them. It’s nice that I can set up individual files for each one and that each of them is able to access their own specific files.

    I have a WordPress website and needed a way to easily manage downloads and allow other people to access different documents and CM Download Manager does that. It is quick and easy to download and getting it set up and started didn’t take much time. I love that it gives me the downloads in a directory listing so it is easy to manage. I am able to see who downloads documents and how many times documents have been downloaded. CM Download Manager has helped my site become more organized and has made it easier for me to run it smoothly.

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