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This is a video "Ripe fresh fores blueberries fall to the    Read More


This is a wallpaper with lightning. This example shows a preview    Read More


This is a video "The cooks hands in flour" in slow-motion.    Read More


This is an article a document with the article "SE Ranking    Read More


This is an audio track "Travel Light". This example shows a    Read More

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How this page was made?

There are two ways to display the Index Page which contains all downloads.

First Way

First way - when the plugin is installed and activated, it automatically creates the default Index Page.

The link to it can be found above the plugin settings. And under the "General" tab you can also change the permalink:

You can find a few section with option for configuring Index Page under the relevant tab in plugin settings.

You can configure such things as how to order downloads, how many items to display per page, choose the default view (tiles, list, category, table) and some more options for editing the appearance of the page.

Second Way

Second way to display the Index Page is to create another page and place there a shortcode [сmdm-index]. The shortcode has a few parameters which override the default plugin settings. For example, on the current page we use the parameter limit="5" to display only 5 downloads per page, while the plugin settings are set to display 10 downloads per page. Also, we've disabled displaying categories using the attribute showcategories="0". And one more thing - we disable the view switcher with the attribute viewoption="0"

So, our shortcode looks like this:

[сmdm-index limit="5" showcategories="0" viewoption="0"]


The plugin has a few widgets which you can place to your sidebar.

The plugin also provides a few widget areas where you can place widgets.

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